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We bring hope, strength and healing to the patients we serve.

From our millions of annual patient encounters, we develop and share best practices that are advancing healthcare everywhere.

We stand for accessible, high-quality healthcare for all who come through our doors.

Patients are our top priority, and HCA Healthcare is working toward true health equity with a foundation of inclusion, compassion and respect. In 2022, we announced a series of initiatives to address key healthcare issues, advance health equity, and improve access, opportunity and resources for care. Read more

We're breaking down barriers to care.

We delivered charity care, uninsured discounts and other uncompensated care at an estimated cost of more than $3.5 billion in 2022. We also work to help ensure the healthcare billing process is clear and supportive of our patients.

Our patient benefit advisors help patients understand and access programs and discounts that may be available to them — which we believe are among the most generous and comprehensive — in order to significantly reduce the financial burden for the patient.