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For our patients:

We’re committed to delivering patient-centered care to everyone we’re privileged to serve

We conduct research and share learnings to change the delivery of healthcare not just for those we care for, but for patients everywhere.

In 2021, HCA Healthcare formed a Care Transformation & Innovation (CT&I) department. CT&I will integrate innovative ideas from frontline clinicians and work with colleagues to test, measure and scale solutions to deliver high-quality care to patients and address challenges facing caregivers.

We believe excellence in healthcare starts with a foundation of inclusion, compassion and respect.

HCA Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson will collaborate on a scalable program to improve health outcomes through early-stage lung cancer detection for the Black community. Lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer death among Black patients, and the two companies will begin to work together on a pilot program in the coming months to increase early identification.

HCA Healthcare supports the delivery of high-quality patient care, while fostering an inclusive work environment.

HCA Healthcare is also working to address health disparities through a collaboration with the American Heart Association. The Getting to the Heart of Stroke™ initiative focuses on preventing, treating and beating stroke through several efforts, including improving the overall health of communities by addressing disparities through local health impact work.

Patients are our top priority

We stand for accessible, high-quality healthcare for all who come through our doors.

Through our generous charity and discount programs, we delivered charity care, uninsured discounts and other uncompensated care at an estimated cost of more than $3.3 billion in 2021.

Investing in future leaders

When Minnie Washington arrived for her first day of work in HCA Houston Healthcare Conroe's cafeteria 30 years ago, she had no idea that she’d one day be a leader in the nursing field, helping to guide a team of nurses through a pandemic.

Caring for our communities

HCA Healthcare and our colleagues are committed to building stronger, more vibrant communities through giving and volunteering.

Providing care where needed

After a young father’s bypass surgery fails, an HCA Healthcare doctor and his team are called to help due to their ECMO transport capabilities.

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